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Tower Sentry 

Fully Self-Contained Surveillance Solution:

The Thermal Radar Tower Sentry is an autonomous intrusion detection and surveillance solution made of the highest quality materials.  With vandalism-proof, heavy-gauge galvanized steel framing and walls, a rapidly deployed 19.5-foot mast, and an IP66-rated component enclosure, the Tower Sentry becomes an all-weather, remote surveillance outpost protecting your facility and critical assets. The Tower Sentry can also be custom branded allowing for additional communication and messaging as well as maximum advertising and promotion exposure.

Robust Components and Renewable Power:

The Tower Sentry employs quality networking components including an 8-port network switch, relay modules (optional), 4G/Wi-Fi Router, TPDIN remote monitor & control module, power management, and an optional PC for your choice of VMS platforms. The standard solar power package includes two (2) 400-watt solar panels and 250 Ah battery storage. The Tower Sentry can also be equipped with an environmentally friendly methanol fuel cell to extend the autonomous performance of the onboard systems.

Weather Versatile

360° Coverage

Flexible Deployment

Thermal Radar Made in the USA - NDAA Compliant

Flexible Solution:

The Tower Sentry can be customized with any model of Thermal Radar as well as a variety of PTZ camera options or can be purchased as a bare unit and outfitted with your choice of
cameras and accessories. Additionally, the Tower Sentry can be equipped with a talk-down /
audible alarm speaker, strobe lights, LED lights, and Point-to-Point communications.

Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection
Tower Sentry by Thermal Radar
Tower Sentry Electrical Substation Deployment

Thermal Radar


Thermal Radar provides true situational awareness and continuous 360˚ thermal intrusion detection with a human detection coverage area of up to 200 acres (based on environmental conditions). Thermal Radar should be the centerpiece of any advanced physical security strategy in protecting your facility and critical assets.



Thermal Radar uses edge-based analytics which allow users to quickly customize the areas of interest needed to protect the most vulnerable regions of their property.  Users can implement and adapt a full 360˚ intrusion detection strategy with just a few mouse clicks within the Thermal Radar user interface. 


Thermal Radar alarms are generated when intruders enter specified areas of interest. Intrusion alarms activate notification alerts into the VMS platform at your security operation center (SOC) and/or to your mobile device. After receiving an alert, monitoring personnel can remotely view the alarm recordings and instantly monitor the live video feeds from the camera systems and deploy appropriate countermeasures.

Hydra:  Thermal Radar Paired with a PTZ


Enhance your surveillance to full 360° continuous coverage with the Thermal Radar Hydra, which combines your choice of PTZ with any Thermal Radar model, or install your choice of camera.


Thermal Radar employs a unique “inside-out” approach to perimeter protection by detecting an intruder prior to an incursion of the property using user-defined areas of interest. Unlike other perimeter security solutions, Thermal Radar continues to detect and target intruders following an unauthorized incursion into the property. 


Thermal Radar Hydra intrusion alarms trigger an immediate slew-to-cue response from the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera positioned directly below the Thermal Radar allowing for confirmation of the detected intruder.  Thermal Radar has direct integrations with most mainstream and NDAA-compliant PTZ cameras.

Hydra - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection
Hydra - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection


LESS HASSLE and MOBILE Installation

2-Year Warranty Included


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