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Mobile Sentry 

Fully Self-Contained Surveillance Solution:

Our Mobile Sentry is the ultimate platform on which to deploy your Thermal Radar / Hydra system. Capable of providing threat detection and perimeter protection within minutes, our ruggedized platform includes up to four (4) 400-watt solar panels and up to 500 Ah battery storage, a ruggedized computer for a local management of a Video Management System (VMS), a network switch, relay modules (when required), router with cellular and Wi-Fi capability, TPDIN remote monitor / control unit, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) supplies for cameras.

Heavy-Duty Steel Trailer Benefits:

​The most robust, high-quality surveillance trailer on the market today and designed for high-value site protection. Includes full heavy-duty steel body that is welded solid, heavy-duty steel for fenders and solar array, two-layer durable powder coating, 6,000-pound axle, easy-to-deploy 27’ hydraulic mast, electronic-actuated solar array, outrigger legs to maximize stability, hardened and physically durable internal electronic hardware operating at 24V, temperature-controlled internal environment, locking access doors, and a folding drawbar for safety and transport.

Weather Versatile

360° Coverage

Flexible Deployment

Thermal Radar Made in the USA - NDAA Compliant

Flexible Solution:

Ability to add multiple options, such as a deterrent package (i.e., speaker, strobe lights, and LED lights), point-to-point communications, manual or hydraulically actuated mast, manual or electronically actuated solar panels, two (2) or four (4) solar panels, and 250 Ah or 500 Ah battery storage. Additionally, Mobile Sentry can include a supplemental charging system such as an environmentally friendly methanol generator or a diesel generator for extending autonomous performance capabilities during extended weather scenarios.

Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection
Mobile Sentry Trailer - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection
Mobile Sentry Trailer - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection

Thermal Radar


Unlike an active radar system that emits radio waves, Thermal Radar is a passive solution that continuously scans a 360° field of view for heat changes and uses this as the mechanism for threat detection. This patented capability allows a single Thermal Radar solution mounted on a Mobile Sentry to detect threats and intruders in an area as large as 200 acres in just a few seconds.



Simple, easy-to-use, edge-based analytics allow users to quickly configure detection zones for maximum performance. The “quick setup” feature provides perimeter protection within just a few minutes of deploying a Mobile Sentry trailer.



An intuitive, graphical user interface (GUI) affords end-users multiple options to customize each deployment environment. Thermal Radar creates a 360° thermal-based view of a site and generates alerts/alarms through most VMS platforms. Alerts can be viewed in real time in a security operations center (SOC), or simply delivered via text, email, or a VMS-based mobile application, capabilities provided from the Mobile Sentry system.

Hydra:  Thermal Radar Paired with a PTZ

PTZ Integration:

Thermal Radar integrates with leading PTZ manufacturers. As such, Mobile Sentry can be equipped with a PTZ that is ideally situated to meet customer objectives.

Detection and Targeted Surveillance:

Combining the unparalleled detection capabilities of Thermal Radar with a laser-illuminated and/or IR-capable PTZ camera provides autonomous threat recognition and target identification. Utilizing an IR-capable PTZ with Thermal Radar provides detection and identification functionality from a Mobile Sentry when deployed in remote, dark environments.

Smart Surveillance:

Unlike typical perimeter protection where detection capabilities are limited to the edges (i.e., fence lines) of a perimeter, Thermal Radar operates as an inside-out solution. As Thermal Radar rotates, it continuously scans in all directions from the location of the camera. As such, a single Mobile Sentry trailer can provide detections before the perimeter, at the perimeter, and within the perimeter.

Hydra - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection
Hydra - Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection


LESS HASSLE and MOBILE Installation

2-Year Warranty Included



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