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Operating System

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Net 4.5.1 or newer


4GB (recommended 6 GB)
250 GB hard drive

Hardware & Network

i5 or equivalent CPU
(recommended quad core
2.2 GHz or better)
Graphics card w/ OpenGL 3.1 support

System Requirements

360 Degree Coverage

Our unique radar sweep, gleaning depth, and speed data from its imagery, allow the Thermal Radar to pinpoint intruders in a 3D space with a completely passive system

Geospatial Alerts

Pinpoint threats and send real-time alerts coordinates to the user or directly to a VMS. Easily track objects when used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide “slew to cue” data

Set specific Areas of Interest and Areas of Exclusion as well as sensitivity and confidence values to meet your unique environment

Cutomizable UI

Record & Playback

Automatically recorded alerts and manually recorded footage can be played back in a full 360 degrees. A list shows you the date and time when each alert or recording happened and how long it lasted. Simply click on the one you want to view.



Sentry is an integrated sensor and alarming solution designed to provide detection, assessment and deterrence of threats to both commercial and military sites. 

Combining TIR's 360 Thermal camera system with the Ultra Electronic HyperSpike deterrent platform for ultimate perimeter security. Initial detections are assessed and classified by the low-power thermal radar system, and escalated to the Ultra Electronic HS-14 Remote Acoustic Hailing Device (RAHD). 

Thermal Radar for 360 degree detection + Powerful intrusion deterrents

  • 148 dB acoustical deterrent – communication range up to 2,000 meters

  • 12,000,000 candlepower spotlight 

  • Can be trailer mounted or permanently mounted

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