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Inside-Out Perimeter Protection for Critical Data Center Protection


Protect What Matters Most

Superior, affordable perimeter security for any and all data centers.

Inside-Out Perimeter Protection for Critical Data Center Protection
Inside-Out Perimeter Protection for Critical Data Center Protection

Thermal Radar is the Best Option to Protect Data Centers

Warehouses, data centers, and commercial storage facilities have unique and challenging security and power needs. Thermal Radar allows a facility to be monitored day and night, inside or outside for suspicious activities, trespassing, vandalism, or terrorist attacks.

Thermal Radar not only monitors the perimeter but also scans the approach to these facilities to reduce the critical reaction time for deterrent action activities. Thermal Radar allows for the deployment of fewer cameras, which equals less cost and maintenance, without compromising detection and protection capabilities.

Our Value Proposition

Thermal Radar provides up to FIFTEEN fields of view from one camera which reduces the number of cameras needed at a facility.  This generates significant savings and greatly mitigates infrastructure costs.

One Thermal Radar vs Up to Fifteen Traditional Security Cameras

One Thermal Radar

One Thermal Radar replaces up to fifteen traditional security cameras, saving thousands of dollars while covering a much larger area.  Up to 15x the coverage with fewer points of failure.

Lower Installation Costs with Thermal Radar Over Traditional Systems

Installation Costs

Installation costs for traditional systems (including cable trenching) can cost thousands of dollars per site.  The installation of a single Thermal Radar unit is a fraction of those costs. ($XX,XXX compared to $XXX,XXX)

Significantly Reduced VMS Licensing Costs with Thermal Radar

VMS Costs

Video Management costs are significantly reduced by the number of licenses needed to manage your system. Specifically, one Thermal Radar unit with 15 fields of view requires one VMS license, rather than 15 licenses for the same views using individual cameras.

Lower Annual Maintenance Costs with Thermal Radar

Maintenance Costs

Annual costs related to hardware maintenance and VMS software upgrades also require consideration for security installations. Replacing upwards of 15 individual cameras with one Thermal Radar will significantly reduce this yearly budgetary item.

Inside-Out Perimeter Protection for Critical Data Center Protection

End-User Savings

Over 70%

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