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Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection

Thermal Radar

  • The world's first 360° thermal surveillance system 

  • 10+ years of Made-in-USA manufacturing

  • Firmware and engineering developed in-house

  • Excellent customer service based in Utah

  • 14 US patents and 18 international patents protecting our proprietary technology

  • NDAA compliant

Get to Know Us

Founded in 2012 by two inventors, Mike Dortch, and Larry Price set out to recreate a new approach to perimeter and site security. They recognized that video surveillance was used to monitor perimeters, and commercial and governmental sites had been historically ineffective and expensive to use the most modern technology. Moreover, the founders sought to address the fact that most existing intrusion detection security solutions were linear and rarely provided the necessary situational awareness required for advanced detection and crime prevention.


After several years of R&D and multiple prototypes, Thermal Radar was introduced to the market in 2015, garnering multiple industry awards and accolades over the next several years. The business grew steadily, accumulating and finding acceptance from some of the world's top names as customers across many industries including critical infrastructure, government and military, oil and gas, and many more.


2020 brought the introduction of a new upgraded V2 model which accelerated growth and allowed the company to extend its standard warranty. The company has continued to grow quickly, adding new staff, features, and products at a fast pace.


“The future is bright for us and we are excited about our product development pipeline and look forward to continuing to bring industry-leading and innovative products to our customers all around the world.” 

-David Kay; Thermal Radar CEO 

Thermal Radar Continuous and Cost-Effective 360° Threat Detection

Our Company Values

  • Our employees drive success, we empower them by creating an atmosphere of inclusion, teamwork, openness, and accountability.

  • We embrace the trust our customers put in us. We hold ourselves to the expectations we set and stand behind the products we sell.

  • We value our partners and strive for open, honest, and profitable relationships where we work together to exceed end-user expectations.

  • Our top priority is delivering the best experience for partners and end users: including effective training, timely communication, quality products, an efficient user interface, and proactive post-sale support.

  • We disrupt industries through continuous innovation.

  • We prioritize solutions that will have the greatest positive impact on our stakeholders.

Team TIR

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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