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About Us

About TIR

Thermal Imaging Radar is a privately held, Utah U.S.A. based manufacturer of award winning advanced intrusion detection systems. Our NDAA compliant products are manufactured in the USA. Our leading edge technology is a first to market product of its kind featuring continuous and persistent 360-degree thermal detection technology with sophisticated on the edge analytics. 

Our Company Values

Our employees drive success, we empower them by creating an atmosphere of inclusion, teamwork, openness and accountability.

We embrace the trust customers put in us. We hold ourselves to the expectations we set and stand behind the products we sell.

We value our partners and strive for open, honest and profitable relationships where we work together to exceed end user expectations.

Our top priority is delivering the best experience for partners and end users: including effective training, timely communication, quality products, an efficient user interface and proactive post sale support.

We disrupt industries through continuous innovation.

We prioritize solutions that will have the

greatest positive impact to our stakeholders.

Why TIR?

Besides building the world's first continuously rotating 360 degree thermal surveillance system we proudly have:

  • 10+ Years of Made in USA Manufacturing

  • Firmware and engineering developed in house

  • Excellent customer service based in Utah

  • 11 Patents protecting our tech

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