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How TIR Saved My Company $195,000/year - Thermal Imaging Radar Cost Savings

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I represent a multinational company responsible for storing and securing user data from all over the world. It's imperative that our operations remain as secure as possible, as the threat of cyber and physical attacks increases year over year. In early 2019 we signed a 3 year contract with a security company, and paid a large sum upfront to have what we were told were "state of the art" wide area surveillance cameras installed. A two week installation and training period, plus the binding contract set at $195,000 per year for maintenance and upkeep all combined to make us pretty sure we were making the best choice possible for our business and shareholders.

Two years later, we hired a third party security expert to stress-test our systems, in hopes of highlighting any potential security risks on our campus. We were shocked to find more than 30 critical faults with our system. From blind spots in critical areas, to constant false positives, to a lack of outermost perimeter security due to the security system we had opted to have installed.

Enter Thermal Radar. I met the gracious sales team at ISC West, and informed them we were in the market for a new, more secure, and more reliable security system. When we got down to brass tacks and I learned that not only could they provide all of those things, but at an immense discount compared to our existing systems, we couldn't sign the contract soon enough.

Fast forward to now, one year later. We have long since said goodbye to our former security provider, instead opting for Thermal wide area surveillance, PLUS the Hydra PTZ system. Their proprietary software made it easy to set exclusion zones, to capture and save recordings, and to monitor all of our security systems from a single place.

The same stress-test expert returned to our campus in February of this year, he seemed almost astonished to find ZERO of the former 30 security issues present.

Now, instead of dangerous security risks, we have wide-area coverage for vehicles and people covering every square inch of our campus. We completely annulled $195,000 worth of costs from our bottom line (Impressive Thermal Imaging Radar Cost Savings), and we have begun what will remain a long lasting partnership with one of the most impressive and trustworthy names in the business - thank you Thermal Imaging Radar!

-Daniel P.

XYZ Data Inc.

Reducing Security Equipment Needs
Thermal Imaging Radar Cost Savings


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