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Applying Thermal Surveillance for Security

Updated: May 9, 2023

Thermal cameras have gained immense popularity into the electronic security space by providing an intelligent video surveillance solution and intrusion detection system with accuracy both day and night. Fixed thermal and visual cameras can be considered to solve intrusion detection and surveillance challenges. However, security professionals discovered that up to 12 or more fixed thermal cameras may be needed to provide thorough perimeter coverage. The price of such a thermal camera installation can be very costly especially when considering power, network, mounting and licensing issues, especially when budgets are tight.

Thermal Surveillance for Security

Thermal surveillance for large sites

Securing large sites against intrusions may seem a daunting task among security staff. Thermal Surveillance is an excellent solution for wide area surveillance on large sites. Most security professionals are concerned about both vehicle and human intrusions—as well as the possibility of fire. Thermal Imaging Radar (TIR) manufactures a wide area thermal detection solution that is unmatched in the thermal industry, with just one Thermal Radar, 10,000 acres are continuously 360 degree scanned providing actionable intelligence to property owners and security personnel.

Important features:

Thermal Radar is an award-winning system that continuously monitors a 360° area with thermal detection. With one Thermal Radar, security professionals are provided with a panoramic wide-area view thus providing a secure facility. Thermal Radar’s edge-based analytics give early detection and then through most VMS’s; warnings to security professionals via phone, tablet, computer or monitoring center. A 360° Thermal Radar system can provide unparalleled perimeter detection while dramatically reducing overhead and installation costs associated with multiple fixed thermal cameras in a given area.

A perimeter detection system should be easy to use and provide security personnel with reliable and timely alerts of threats. Thermal analytics must be able to tell the difference between human, vehicle intrusions as well as fire detections. Thermal Radar has proprietary adaptive analytics which results in low false-positive alerts in a wide range of scenarios.

Another key feature includes Thermal Radar’s slew-to-cue functionality to an integrated PTZ. This provides security personnel with the ability to monitor day and night with not just thermal technology but full color as well. The geo-spatial alerts and slew to cue functionality of the Thermal Radar Hydra system, enables existing PTZ cameras to place eyes directly on an intrusion.

Advanced technology in modern cameras produce quality images for security professionals. Earlier, thermal cameras were difficult to understand thus making thermal more challenging to use among security professionals. Over the past years, thermal technology has advanced, costs have come down and modern thermal surveillance systems have dramatically improved. Current surveillance systems can produce detailed visuals that are useful for differentiation of intrusions. With continuous advancements in the technology, thermal security cameras are expected to improve more and more—aiding security professionals in the protection of property.

Thermal surveillance for security is widely used in Law Enforcement, military, power generation, storage, mining, oil and gas, and many other industries to detect and deter intrusions while enhancing security both in day light and in low or no light scenarios. Modern thermal technology is also used to manage surveillance activities, find suspects, investigate potential threats, and to conduct rescue operations.

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